Our Guiding Belief 

Climate change requires working together like never before because systems problems need interdisciplinary points of view. Yet, the people we need involved are stuck in silos. Without the connective tissue fundamental to innovation, there is no opportunity to collaborate, and the default becomes waiting around for a top-down change. 

MCJ Collective is an entrepreneurial commons that enables the flow of information, ideas, and capital necessary to accelerate individual climate journeys and advance collaboration. Our content is the de facto resource for entrepreneurial people looking to understand climate innovation. 

My Climate Journey podcast

The My Climate Journey podcast is a growing body of knowledge about climate change and potential solutions. This series traverses disciplines, industries, and opinions with hundreds of deep-dive conversations with science, technology, and climate leaders. We ship 2 episodes per week and send subscribers a recap on Fridays. You can subscribe and listen to My Climate Journey wherever you get podcasts.

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The MCJ Community Voices Newsletter is a weekly deep dive into topics relevant to climate solutions for and by the climate community. Subscribers receive a weekly email typically on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

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MCJ Collective’s venture capital funds back ambitious founders scaling climate solutions. We publish new investment announcements to newsletter subscribers.

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MCJ Membership is a paid experience for those ready to go deeper or jump into building solutions of their own. Join 4,000 passionate climate tech professionals in slack, jump into events, resources and conversations, and supercharge your network.

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A weekly deep dive into topics relevant to climate solutions for and by the climate community, from MCJ Collective.


Jason Jacobs 

Former co-founder/CEO of Runkeeper (acquired by ASICS). Now 100% focused on climate change and how I can help. Podcast host in-training at @mcjpod.

Cody Simms 

Cody Simms is a Partner with MCJ Collective and co-founder of Climate Changemakers, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. He was previously SVP of Climate & Sustainability at Techstars and an investing Partner in Techstars' institutional venture funds.

MCJ Collective 

MCJ Collective powers collective innovation for climate solutions by breaking down silos and unleashing problem-solving capacity. Creators of the My Climate Journey podcast.