Climate Con: 3 Days of Real Talk, Real Options, and Real Solidarity

By Kristen Winzent and Merrill Feather

Climate Con: 3 Days of Real Talk, Real Options, and Real Solidarity

By Kristen Winzent & Merrill Feather

As many of you likely know, COP26—the 26th annual Conference of the Parties hosted by the UN—is right around the corner. From October 31 to November 12, government leaders will assess the performance of each other’s climate commitments under the Paris Accords. As you also likely know, this meeting is framed as a major decision point with the recent IPCC report clearly indicating that progress isn’t happening quickly enough. 

So while COP26 unfolds, what are the rest of us to do? 

For an event billed to hold hope for the future of humanity, there’s no way for most of us to get involved. Yet we know there’s a lot we can and should do.

At such a decisive moment, we at The Regenerates and My Climate Journey weren’t comfortable sitting around. Many of you know us: While we don’t have the answers, we’re pretty good at gathering people who know more than us and working toward answers together.

So, this November 9–11, we’re inviting you to join us at Climate Con, a gathering for regular people like us who want to know what the heck we can do about climate change

During this free, virtual gathering, we’ll share how people made their way to work on climate solutions—how they went from feeling lost and frustrated to finding purpose and getting involved. We’ll also discuss meaningful ways that each of us can shape our own journeys going forward.

These conversations are intended to shift the understanding of climate change from issue to action. To transform fear and anxiety into curiosity. To meet confusion with imagination. 

We’re not trying to convert anyone or sell ideas. There’s no proving anything. We’re simply bringing you stories of potential and possibility to consider and inviting you to play with them. 

The big goal is to help each and every one of us find a role to play and brainstorm alternate climate futures that we can bring to life. Because, the way we see it, transformation and real change only happen when we embrace new ideas about who we are, who we can become, and how we relate to the world around us.

We know because we’ve been there

The reason we're so confident in this approach is that we've been on the other side. 

While it's been a journey to this place, a key decision point came in the early days of the pandemic when Merrill and I met. At the time, we were separately and unknowingly interviewing against one another for the very few marketing roles in climate tech. We both were aching for purpose and felt lost searching for a pathway that leveraged our skills and strengths. So we decided to choose ourselves and combined forces to become The Regenerates. 

Our collaboration is founded on the understanding that we need to inspire people to activate them, not scare them. To connect, not isolate. To hold joy alongside struggle. To remind others (and ourselves) again and again why all of this is worth fighting for and make known the pathways forward where we can run toward life, not just away from fear. 

It's our guiding belief that caring for the stories we tell ourselves and each other is too readily disregarded. This notion is not ours but rather handed down across generations and cultures. It is a responsibility we take seriously.

Hope and optimism are at the heart of every redemption story, and right now, we humans are in the thick of our own. 

In the face of overwhelming doom and gloom, we can choose to stubbornly hold on to hope and optimism. Remember that we can struggle, feel pain, face challenges, and still move forward. Because taking a step forward down another path—that is our choice.


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