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My Climate Journey
Climate Storytelling with Pique Action

Climate Storytelling with Pique Action

My Climate Journey Startup Series w/ Kip Pastor, CEO & Founder of Pique Action

Today's guest is Kip Pastor, Founder and CEO of Pique Action.

When most people think of climate change, they picture stories about wildfires, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and a myriad of other ways we’re all just generally screwed. It can feel pretty hopeless, but those of us who have been leaning into solutions know that not all is lost. There are incredible innovations that have the potential to change so much of what we take for granted today, and it's not far-fetched to believe that these innovations can scale to unlock improvements for our future. 

Pique Action is a new media company on a mission to fight climate change with viral storytelling. It's the opposite of doomscrolling. Since their launch in Fall of 2021, Pique has produced 32 micro-documentaries on big climate solutions, amassed more than 7 million views across platforms, and gained over 100,000 TikTok followers. 

In this conversation, we talk to Kip about the type of climate storytelling that resonates with audiences today and how Pique plans to scale its impact as it grows. We all have a role to play as climate communicators, even in one-on-one conversations, and hearing what's working for Pique Action can also inspire us to think about our own climate voices. 


In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • An overview of Pique Action

  • How Pique intends to change the conversation around climate and drive action 

  • Balancing realism and optimism in climate storytelling

  • Different audiences and levels of engagement across platforms 

  • Nature Based Solutions with Alaina Wood

  • How the company finds content creators 

  • Climate TikTok 

  • Kip's background in film/video production and his movement into climate 

  • Differences between climate communication and other forms of storytelling 

  • Gaps in climate communication in various forms of media today

  • Lack of representation of climate solutions in major movies and television

  • Pique's partnerships and business model 

  • Kip's learnings from watching next-gen media companies 

Full transcript of My Climate Journey podcast with Kip Pastor

Episode recorded July 25, 2022

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