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Electrifying fleets with Synop

Electrifying fleets with Synop

My Climate Journey Startup Series

Today’s guest is Gagan Dhillon, CEO & Co-Founder of Synop

In many climate conversations about mobility, solutions inevitably turn into conversations about fleets. But understanding what fleets are, how they manage access to fuel, and how all of this will change as fleets adopt EVs are critical to clean transportation at large. Synop automates EV operations by helping businesses handle tracking, billing, reporting, and cost management under one unified, data-centric platform. Compatible with all EV types and charging stations, their AI-powered platform is designed specifically for commercial fleets and OEMs to modernize performance and meet sustainability commitments.

Prior to co-founding Synop, Gagan witnessed first-hand the challenges of businesses transitioning to commercial electric vehicles. Previously at REIN, an insurtech startup, he worked with major commercial OEMs and global insurance carriers on solutions for the commercial auto space. During that time, he got a first-hand look at the challenges of the commercial EV space and was inspired to develop the software needed to support the industry’s transition to using electric-powered commercial vehicles. 

In this episode, Gagan explains the fleet landscape and how the electrification of fleet-based transport will change many of the dynamics that are ingrained in the transportation sector today. Cody and Gagan also dig into the Synop product offering, their consumer segments, and how business will evolve as the EV space matures. 

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • [2:06] Gagan and his co-founder's background

  • [5:34] An overview of fleets in the transportation sector today

  • [10:15] How ICE fleets are managed and fueled 

  • [12:03] Challenges of electrifying fleets 

  • [14:33] Use cases for different types of EV charging

  • [17:48] An overview of Synop

  • [21:15] Status of electric semi-trucks in U.S. 

  • [24:42] Synop's customers today and who they plan to serve in the future 

  • [27:25] The company's energy management service 

  • [31:03] Synop's solution to charge management for fleet operators 

  • [34:38] Potential cost savings 

  • [39:40] What Gagan has learned along his climate journey 

  • [46:21] Synop's funding and how they plan to capitalize the business going forward 

  • [48:36] How Gagan sees the space evolving over the next 5 years

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