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The Heated Debate Around Gas Stoves

The Heated Debate Around Gas Stoves

MCJ Startup Series with Impulse

Today's guest is Sam D'Amico, Founder and CEO at Impulse. Impulse is helping to electrify homes with sleek-looking all-electric appliances, starting with an induction cooktop.

Regardless of whether or not you pay close attention to the climate space, you've probably seen some commentary in the last few weeks about gas stoves. The gas stovetop has become one of the latest culture war topics in American political discourse. Recent remarks from an official with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission about health risks associated with gas stoves in the home have prompted a wave of conservative voices to speak out in support of gas stoves, with one prominent House Republican tweeting:

Sam and Cody have a great conversation about the news from the last few weeks, the emissions profile of gas stoves, recent data on health risks associated with gas stoves in the home, the history of how gas stoves came into homes in the first place, some of the city and state level regulation that has recently been enacted around gas hookups in new construction, and then all about induction stoves and what Impulse is building. Since this topic is likely to cross over and come up in conversation with folks you might not expect, we hope you find it informative and helpful. 

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In this episode, we cover: 

  • [3:38] The culture war around gas stoves 

  • [5:25] Growth of gas usage in homes 

  • [9:57] Emissions and human health concerns of using gas stoves

  • [17:57] Regulations around gas hookups

  • [22:27] Utility incentives and influencer campaigns for gas appliances 

  • [27:11] Legacy electric stove tops 

  • [31:14] An overview of induction stoves 

  • [5:45] Installation process for induction stoves 

  • [40:04] Impulse's suite of appliances

  • [45:30] Sam's background and how he transitioned to working on appliances

  • [47:55] Future plans for Impulse 

  • [50:49] Challenges and changes needed to help people understand induction stoves

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Episode recorded on January 19, 2023

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