MCJ Proposal to Chamath

The team pulled through! (and published and open sourced its work)

Hi all,

The MCJ squad that decided to work on the Chamath proposal pulled through with flying colors.

We just submitted the proposal, and I wanted to share the email we sent to Chamath & team, along with the proposal itself. And also the big news….. the MCJ squad that worked on this has decided to open source its work, in the hope that it will inspire others to build on it and carry this momentum forwards!



My email to Chamath below:

Chamath & Team,
We are quite proud to be submitting our proposal for the decarbonization/climate change/sustainability framework. 

We created this for the concept of investing ~$3b into a trillion dollar program, which is akin to trying to fix $100k of house damage for $300 — you might be able to do something, but not nearly enough. It is for this reason that, in parallel, we have decided to open source our work. Our hope is that additional pools of capital might adopt all or parts of the framework, so we get closer to being able to tackle the full scope of the problem, help inform the right policies, mobilize large corporations to do their part, etc.

This was a group effort, with more than 70 people involved in varying capacities, all from the My Climate Journey community....

I am submitting this as the leader of the MCJ community, but I should note that the effort was entirely member/volunteer driven, there was even a project manager from within the community that stepped up and took on a project leadership role.  I am extremely proud of their work, but I do not want to pretend I deserve even a smidge of credit. 

We welcome any feedback, and would love to speak with you and your team further about how to bring some of these ideas to life. This was a very valuable exercise, so thank you so much for giving us a good reason to drop everything and pull this together!


Jason (MCJ founder), and the rest of the MCJ squad that pulled this together 

The proposal is attached here.