Oct 3, 2022 • 48M

Pushing the boundaries of climate investing with Michele Demers

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Today’s guest is Michele Demers, Founder and CEO at Boundless Impact Research & Analytics

As companies pursue sustainability targets, having an accurate measure of their carbon footprint provides transparency, accountability, and benchmarks to reach and improve on. Boundless is an industry research and impact analytics platform that provides quantitative and evidence-based research and data for investors, companies, and funds. They offer Scope 1, 2, and 3 climate data, analysis and market intelligence across a growing number of emerging sectors that address significant environmental challenges. 

In this episode, Jason and Michele dig deeper on this important area to better understand what the landscape is, how well adopted these frameworks are, how much standardization is out there, what types of incentives exist, which ones are helpful, and which ones cause friction. They also cover the types of companies that are taking advantage of this work, how consistent it is across sectors, and of course, what we can change to help get to where we need to be.

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • [3:19] An overview of Boundless Impact Research and Analytics 

  • [4:54] The company's origin story

  • [9:35] How companies understand their true carbon footprints 

  • [14:32] Tooling available to understand risk and environmental impact

  • [21:25] Boundless' balance of software vs services 

  • [24:31] Which industries the company is focused on and why 

  • [29:12] How the annual assessment process changes across industries  

  • [31:24] The role of life cycle assessment as the standard 

  • [33:09] The process for companies working with Boundless 

  • [37:22] The future of a real-time dashboard for emissions 

  • [39:02] What happens when reports are not favorable

  • [42:10] How Boundless works with companies on improvements based on first analysis 

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Episode recorded on September 8, 2022.