Sitemap - 2021 - MCJ Collective Newsletter

Episode 189: Getting Carbon Accounting Right with Persefoni's CEO, Kentaro Kawamori

Episode 188: The Importance of Rapid Electrification to Address Climate Change with Rewiring America's Co-Founder, Alex Laskey

Tis’ the Season: Reducing Food Waste During the Holidays

Episode 187: Energy Poverty & the Climate Crisis with Energy for Growth Hub's Katie Auth

How to Invest in More Underrepresented Founders

Introducing the MCJ Collective Opportunity Fund

Episode 186: Tackling The Climate Crisis with Speed & Scale Co-Author, Ryan Panchadsaram

A Generational Opportunity for India’s Climate Tech Entrepreneurs

Our Investment in cirplus

Episode 185: Investing in Climate Solutions & Future of Our Planet with Generate Capital's CEO, Scott Jacobs

A moment to reflect.

Episode 184: Innovating the Future of EVs with Lilac Solutions' Founder, Dave Snydacker

We need to support climate non-profits. So what's stopping us?

Our Investment in Moment Energy

Our Investment in BlocPower

Episode 183: The Evolution of Cleantech Investing with DBL Partners' founder, Nancy Pfund

China is a Cleantech Laboratory

Our Investment in Evergrow

Episode 182: Carbon Management and the Energy Transition with the Department of Energy's Dr. Shuchi Talati

What Build Back Better Can (and Can’t) do to Fix the CO2 Beneath Our Feet

Episode 181: Oil & Gas' Role in the Energy Future with Digital Wildcatters' Collin McLelland

The Latest MCJ Happenings

Episode 180: The Clean Energy Transition & How We Get There with Google's Ross Koningstein

Companies: It’s “Go Time” for Climate Policy

Our Investment in Energetic Insurance

Episode 179: Corporate Climate Initiatives and the Clean Energy Transition with Microsoft's Brian Janous

Carbon Dioxide Removal: The Unreasonable Bet We Need

Our Investment in WattBuy

Episode 178: Cryptocurrency and Climate Change with Crusoe Energy's CEO, Chase Lochmiller

Climate Con: 3 Days of Real Talk, Real Options, and Real Solidarity

Our Investment in Lilac Solutions

MCJ Member Survey - Action Needed

Episode 177: Making Your Home More Sustainable with Grove's CEO, Stuart Landesberg

How My Own Climate Journey Led Me to Join My Climate Journey

Expanding the MCJ Team

Episode 175: A discussion with climate expert Dr. Michael Dorsey

Geothermal’s Low-Grade Revolution

Our Investment in Crusoe Energy

Episode 175: A New Way to Produce Chemicals with Sulogen's Gaurab Chakrabarti & Sean Hunt

Our Investment in Carbon Collective

Come be MCJ’s Head of Community!

Our Investment in Arcadia

Episode 174: Climate Investing with Capricorn Investment Group's Ion Yadigaroglu

How to Make Carbon Removal Part of Our Climate Journey

Episode 173: Reducing Blackouts & Saving Electricity with OhmConnect's CEO, Cisco DeVries

Where Should Climate Activist Investors Focus: ExxonMobil or Coca Cola?

Episode 172: Catalytic Capital, Additionality, and Climate Investing with Prime Impact Fund's Amy Duffuor

The U.S. Budget Reconciliation and Its Implications for Climate Tech

Our Investment in LevelTen Energy

Episode 171: A new way to build companies with Deep Science Ventures' Founding Director, Dominic Falcão

Forests, Fires, and Carbon Credits

Our Investment in Waterplan

Episode 170: Growth Equity Strategy with Generation IM's Lila Preston

What the IPCC Report Means for Climate Action

Our Investment in Remora

Episode 169: The future of protein is based in fungi, with Nature's Fynd's CEO, Thomas Jonas

Supercharging Climate Tech by Unifying Equity Investment and Non-Dilutive Funding

Our Investment in Cloud to Street

Episode 168: Accelerating Cleantech Startups with Pat Sapinsley of Urban Future Lab at NYU Tandon

The Growing Climate Solutions Act Could Be A Racist, Greenwashing Handout to Big Ag. Or It Could Be Great.

Our Investment in Lightship

Episode 167: A Carbon-Free Internet with Director of Energy at Google, Michael Terrell

Water Security is a Matter of International Security

Episode 166: Resiliency, Automation, & The Energy Transition with Carnegie Mellon's Costa Samaras

Why America Needs a Clean Electricity Standard

Our Investment in Enode

Hear from Graeme Pitkethly, the Unilever CFO!

MCJ Member Survey - action needed

A Glimpse into the Future

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We’re hiring a Community & Platform Lead at MCJ

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MCJ Live Debuts Tonight on Clubhouse with Stripe Climate & Lowercarbon Capital

Startup Series Episode 27: Beacon Power Services

Our Investment in David Energy

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Startup Series Episode 26: Wright Electric

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Startup Series Episode 25: Phoenix Tailings

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