Sitemap - 2022 - MCJ Collective Newsletter

Wrangling Novel Bacteria for Sustainable Chemical Production

MCJ Collective 2022 Wrapped

On the Road with a Long Haul Trucker

Reducing cattle's carbon footprint with nutrient-rich aquatic plants

EV Adoption ‘Tipping Point’ Signals Progress in Electrification Movement

Nurturing Thoughtful Climate Leadership

Bitcoin Mining as a Solution to Landfill Methane Emissions

Greenhouse Gaslighting and California’s Water Crisis

MCJ Skilled Labor Series: HVAC with Scott Arnold

Tackling Net Zero Targets with Cox Enterprises

Our Investment in Hoxton Farms

Decarbonizing Drayage Trucking

Building Materials: a Ubiquitous, Invisible Consumer Product

MCJ Skilled Labor Series: Ranching with Alejandro Carrillo

The Intersection of Diversity, Inclusion and Climate with Taj Eldridge

Simplifying Home Electrification

SFDR: The Anti-Greenwashing Acronym You Need to Know

Wielding the Power of Law to Combat Climate Change with Earthjustice

Unlocking Capital for DRE in Emerging Markets

Our Investment in WeaveGrid

Our Oceans are the Carbon Solution

The Untold Climate Story of Water

Our Investment in BasiGo

Healthy, comfortable and clean homes with Sealed

MCJ Q3 2022 DEI Report

The role of oil and gas in the clean energy transition with Shell Ventures

Our Investment in Runwise

Coastal carbon capture with Vesta

Europe learns the hard lesson of diversification

Announcing MCJ 2023

Structural changes, politics and policy with Leah Stokes

Our Investment in Climate Club

Improving agricultural irrigation systems with CODA Farm Technologies

Throw Your Money in the Ocean

Building a clean energy future with Sue Brown (Worley)

Creating climate content with The Cool Down

Common Misconceptions for Software Engineers Switching to Climate

Skilled Labor Series: Farming with Josh Svaty

Carbon management with Sweep

Our Investment in Kopperfield

A candid climate conversation with David Roberts

Our Investment in BOLT

Sustainable packaging alternatives with Shellworks

☀️ A day in the life of a solar field technician at Sunrun

MCJ Skilled Labor Series: Solar Installation with Andy Martinez

Pushing the boundaries of climate investing with Michele Demers

Rethinking EV charging with Ample

Our Investment in Dispatch Goods

Polarization has finally reached Wall Street: The climate threat and opportunity

Reframing the climate narrative with Dr. Genevieve Guenther

Electrifying fleets with Synop

The Merge and beyond: Gitcoin is a gateway to Web3 crowdfunding for climate solutions

Climate policy with Camila Thorndike

Biochar and carbon sequestration with Climate Robotics

Our Investment in Patch

Scaling climate action through embedded experiences

Degrowth and social justice with Matthias Schmelzer

Our Investment in Odyssey Energy

Using comedy to unpack complex climate topics with Rollie Williams (Climate Town)

The science & tech law that delivers hidden climate benefits

An eco-modernist approach to climate with Alex Trembath (The Breakthrough Institute)

Industrial biotech solutions with Cemvita Factory

Our Last Act on Earth: Deathcare and the Environment

Decarbonizing the material economy with Rebecca Dell (ClimateWorks Foundation)

Enhanced rock weathering with Lithos Carbon & Eion Carbon

Conversations w/ Conservative Climate Activist, Benji Backer

Degrowth as a lever for change with Timothée Parrique

Climate Storytelling with Pique Action

You’re Not Too Early: ESG for Startups

Life Cycle Assessments with John Dees (Carbon Direct)

Accelerating Collaborative Forest Management with Vibrant Planet

MCJ Community Roundtable & Preview of Our 2022 Annual Survey Insights

The Conservative Climate Movement with Benji Backer

Engineering Plastic Eating Enzymes with Epoch Biodesign

From Twitter Spats to Talking Live with Ketan Joshi

Should My Climate Tech Company Apply for a SBIR?

👋 Reminder: MCJ Annual Member Survey [Survey Closed]

A Tasty Episode About Sustainable Oil

Ep. 219: Recovering Indian Land to Rightful Ownership & Decarbonizing Our Global Economy

California's Forest Management: Changes Needed to Drive Greater Collaboration and Results

Startup Series: Rethinking EV Batteries with ONE

Our Investment in Helio

MCJ Annual Member Survey [Survey Closed]

Prize Incentives for Climate Solutions with XPRIZE

Leave No One Behind: Prioritizing Labour Force Transition in the Fight for Net-Zero

Harnessing Wave Power with CalWave

The Intersection of Workforce Development and Climate Justice

Can Clean Energy Address America's Domestic Woes?

Accelerating India's EV Transition with BOLT

Our Investment in Leap

Providing Rapid Catalytic Capital to Climate Startups with Shared Future Fund

The Case for Financing Distributed Renewable Energy in Emerging Markets

Forecasting for the Renewable Power Grid with Myst

Our Investment in Twelve

Episode 215: A Fiery Debate with Jamie Alexander, Director at Drawdown Labs

Beyond “Geoengineering” to Emergency Medicine for Climate

Startup Series: Engaging Consumers Around Home Energy Use with Sense

Our Investment in Epoch Biodesign

Episode 214: From Nuclear and Academia to VC with Rachel Slaybaugh, Principal at DCVC

📣 MCJ + Climate Job Fair Alert

Startup Series: Reimagining EVs in Kenya with Mazi Mobility

Our Investment in

Episode 213: Alison Smart and Spencer Glendon, Probable Futures

The Brazilian Carbon Compliance Market: A (Baby) Step in the Right Direction

Startup Series: Making Carbon Markets More Accessible Using Blockchain with Flowcarbon

Episode 212: Emma Stewart, Netflix Sustainability Officer

The Circular Economy: Reducing Waste and Shortening the Supply Chain

Startup Series: Carbon Capture Equipment for Ships with Seabound

Episode 211: Stephan Nicoleau, Managing Director at FullCycle

How the Ocean Controls Our Global Thermostat

Startup Series: Fossil Free Hydrogen at Fossil Parity with Electric Hydrogen

Episode 210: Climate Change and Making Things Worth Making with Tony Fadell

Frustrated with the US Government’s Progress on Climate Policy? Us Too. Here’s What’s Next👇

Startup Series: Revolutionizing Marine Electrification with Flux Marine

Episode 209: Non-Dilutive Funding for Startups with Joel Armin-Hoiland

Hot Facts About the Cold Chain

Startup Series: Building a Better Food System with Wildtype

Episode 208: Climate Change and Geopolitics with Gerald Butts, Vice Chair of Eurasia Group

Is Crusoe Energy a Climate Tech Company?

Our Investment in Sense

Startup Series: Restoring our Climate and Oceans with Planetary

Our Investment in Scoot Science

Episode 207: The Role of Catalytic Capital with Johanna Wolfson, General Partner at Azolla Ventures

Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) as a Climate Finance Tool for Startups

Startup Series: Making cities more livable with Dance

Episode 206: State-Level Climate Leadership with Katie Dykes, Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP)

Our Investment in SINAI Technologies

Art as Climate Action

Our Investment in Air Company

Startup Series: Decarbonizing fashion with Rubi

Episode 205: Technology Commercialization with Cam Hosie, CEO of 8 Rivers Capital

MCJ Collective Q1 2022 LP Report, and more

Episode 204: The Role of CDR with Stacy Kauk, Head of Sustainability at Shopify

Community organizing in climate, a case for early career professionals

MCJ Member Survey - Action Needed

Episode 203: Turning Eco-Anxiety into Climate Action with Climate Psychologist, Renée Lertzman

What Does Adam McKay of “Don’t Look Up” Think of Hollywood’s Role in Climate Action?

Episode 202: The Role Venture Capital Plays in the Climate Transition with Prelude Venture's Co-Founder & Managing Director, Gabriel Kra

Slow and Small: The Other Action Plan For Solving the Climate Crisis Now

Episode 201: The Importance of COP with Chief of Staff for the UK COP26 Presidency, Virginia Sentance

Japan’s Model for Climate Change Innovation

Our Investment in Tender

Episode 200: The Role of Carbon Offsets with Verra's CEO, David Antonioli

Transform Your Yard, Save the Planet

Our Investment in Clean Crop Technologies

Our Investment in Dance

Episode 199: Funding the Clean Future with SOSV's Managing Partner & Founder, Sean O'Sullivan

Why Long-Duration Energy Storage May Be Undervalued, and How To Fix It

Joining MCJ as a Partner: My "Why Now" Story

Episode 198: Accelerating Innovative Climate Solutions with Galvanize's Chief Impact Officer, Nicole Systrom

Designing for Social Impact

Our Investment in Living Carbon

Episode 197: Funding the Clean Energy Transition with Monolith's Rob Hanson & the US Department of Energy's Jigar Shah

Decisive Climate Moments Call for Bold New Tactics

Our Investment in Farm

Episode 196: The Role of NGOs in Decarbonizing the Future with RMI's Jules Kortenhorst

Climate Tech Talent & Capital Mind Map

Episode 195: The Carbon Transition with J.P. Morgan's Rama Variankaval

If My City Can Kick Fossil Fuels From Buildings, Yours Can Too

Our Investment in Fleetzero

Episode 194: The Impact of the Apparel Industry on the Climate Crisis with Phil Graves

Why These 19 States Hate Building Electrification

Episode 193: Exploring Corporate ESG with Blackstone's Elizabeth Lewis

Regenerative Economics in Web3

MCJ Collective LP Report: Fund V (Q4 2021)

MCJ Member Survey - Action Needed

Episode 192: How Local Elections Tackle Climate Change with Climate Cabinet's founder, Caroline Spears

The Neapolitan Solution

Episode 191: Three Years of MCJ with Jason Jacobs

Developing “Climate Responsible” Power Infrastructure Across Africa

Episode 190: Global Climate Investing with DFC's Chief Climate Officer Jake Levine

Should VCs and startups add blind review to their hiring toolkit?