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Impact Investing in a Changing World

Impact Investing in a Changing World

MCJ Capital Series with Will Tickle, Ballentine Partners

This episode is part of our new Capital Series hosted by MCJ partner, Jason Jacobs. This series will explore a diverse range of capital sources and the individuals who drive them. From family offices and institutional LPs to private equity, government funding, and more, we'll take a deep dive into the world of capital and its critical role in driving innovation and progress. 

Will Tickle is a partner, senior investment advisor, and director of impact investing for Ballentine Partners

Ballentine Partners is a wealth management firm that prioritizes the needs of its clients while maintaining integrity and independence. The firm offers customized investment solutions and planning expertise to a wide range of clients, from individual professionals and entrepreneurs with liquid assets of $3.5 million to multi-generational families with assets worth over a billion dollars.

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In this episode, Jason and Will discuss his process for defining impact and which areas are important for his client’s portfolios. They also cover the balance of impact between the firm's contributions and those from the clients directly. Will shares how his clients' impact investments have evolved since the firm's first involvement in 2005. Lastly, they explore where climate and climate tech fit into all of this. Enjoy the show! 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • [2:49] An overview of Ballentine Partners

  • [4:25] How the firm's clients inspired its approach to climate investing

  • [7:09] Will's background and focus on impact

  • [9:27] The firm's ethos to serving clients

  • [11:58] How Ballentine Partners applies an impact lens to its existing portfolio of assets

  • [14:10] What Ballentine is hearing from clients

  • [17:01] Challenges of assessing impact across an entire portfolio

  • [19:23] How Ballentine balances impact with returns

  • [23:55] Capitalism and its role in the future of the clean energy transition ahead

  • [29:24] Changes to inspire widespread adoption of impact investing

  • [32:40] The role of shareholder activism

  • [34:17] Ballentine's impact reports

  • [37:35] Who Ballentine wants to work with

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Episode recorded on April 4, 2023. 

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