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The Digital Glue for Energy Devices

The Digital Glue for Energy Devices

MCJ Startup Series with Enode

Henrik Langeland is the Co-founder and CEO at Enode

Enode is building digital infrastructure to enable a coordinated, smart, and flexible energy system. In particular, Enode's software API connects over 400 smart devices like EVs, solar panels, and thermostats, so that they can work together to help a home run as efficiently as possible, both within itself and as a node in a larger energy system. The idea of energy demand response relies on the ability of each node in an energy system to be as smart as possible. And Enode is this digital glue layer between them.

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Cody and Henrik spend time talking about his background and the electrification progress made in Norway, where Enode is headquartered. They also talk about the role of software, climate, and energy systems, plus what Enode is and how it works. Henrik compares Enode's role in energy systems to Plaid's role in the banking world, as a service solution that creates more efficiency for all and solves a common problem that all actors in the system would otherwise need to build themselves. We're happy to be multi-time investors in Enode via our MCJ Collective Venture funds and hope you enjoy hearing from Henrik about what they're building.

In this episode, we cover: 

  • [2:54] Henrik's background and early interest in energy 

  • [7:04] EV adoption in Norway and the inspiration for Enode's software solution 

  • [12:05] Enode's role in connecting and integrating different energy devices 

  • [16:58] The company's product offering 

  • [18:14] Enode's consumers including OEMs, energy retailers, etc. 

  • [23:08] Henrik's perspective on how software can make a difference in climate 

  • [26:22] Risks and benefits of deregulating the energy system (e.g. ERCOT)

  • [27:17] Enode’s use of AI 

  • [31:51] Henrik's predictions for energy interoperability and his company's role in it

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Episode recorded on May 4, 2023

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