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Full Consequence Investing with Hall Capital

Full Consequence Investing with Hall Capital

MCJ Capital Series

This episode is part of our new Capital Series hosted by MCJ partner, Jason Jacobs. This series explores a diverse range of capital sources and the individuals who drive them. From family offices and institutional LPs to private equity, government funding, and more, we take a deep dive into the world of capital and its critical role in driving innovation and progress.

Mohammad Barkeshli is the Vice President of Full Consequence Investing at Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital Partners has a singular focus on building and managing large investment portfolios. Their clients include families, endowments, and foundations with over $40 billion under management. 

Mohammad focuses on the firm's impact investing efforts which they’ve coined Full Consequence Investing or FCI. He's responsible for research, identification, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring of investments across asset classes. 

Jason and Mohammad have a great discussion in this episode about Hall Capital's strategic approach, where it fits in the climate tech and capital stack, the criteria they use when making investment decisions, what they're hearing from their clients now, and how that's evolved.

In this episode, we cover: 

  • [3:00] The benefits of increasing transparency across the capital stack and why Mohammad agreed to come on the show

  • [4:35] An overview of Hall Capital

  • [6:48] The firm’s approach known as Full Consequence Investing (FCI)

  • [8:25] The average asset class for its clients

  • [11:38] Hall Capital’s different investment vehicles

  • [16:26] How the firm’s investing teams are divided across asset classes

  • [21:00] Mohammad’s background

  • [22:25] Where FCI fits into Hall Capital’s story and brand

  • [28:06] FCI as a key diligence effort for the firm’s investment strategy

  • [29:38] What falls within FCI and how Hall Capital evaluates opportunities across categories

  • [34:00] The role of ESG across industries and investments

  • [36:00] Hall Capital’s process for working with clients who are interested in building a portfolio that’s geared toward climate solutions

  • [42:46] Balancing investments for profit, impact, and the public good

  • [46:23] Limitations and challenges with time horizons

  • [47:57] How Mohammad thinks about team and track record

  • [52:55] Concessionary impact investments

  • [1:00:57] Hall Capital’s involvement with philanthropic capital

  • [1:04:36] Areas Mohammad would like to improve for his clients and their investments

  • [1:06:51] Who Hall Capital would like to hear from and how people can help

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Episode recorded on April 5, 2023.

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