Sep 1, 2022 • 58M

Industrial biotech solutions with Cemvita Factory

My Climate Journey Startup Series

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Today’s guest is Moji Karimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Cemvita Factory

Cemvita Factory’s mission is to deploy nature-inspired economical technology to empower the energy transition and create a brighter future. This is done by a portfolio of industrial biotechnology solutions across Cemvita’s three verticals: CO2-based biomanufacturing, biomining, and subsurface biomanufacturing. On the surface, it sounds like the company is tackling an impossible number of initiatives for an early stage startup, but that’s part of the excitement of what's happening in synthetic biology right now. Cemvita’s de-siloed and deverticalized approach to innovation requires cross-functional expertise and problem solving. 

Moji and Cody have a great discussion about biomining for lithium and copper, subsurface biochemical production, including gold hydrogen, and biomanufacturing of waste carbon dioxide into other end products. Plus they talk about the different use cases as businesses, and Cemvita Factory's cross-disciplinary approach to innovation. Solving climate change requires new ways of thinking, and Moji’s background and work at Cemvita is an excellent example of this. 

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • [5:35] An overview of Cemvita Factory and the company's origin

  • [8:35] How Moji transitioned from deep space exploration into working on energy 

  • [10:32] The meaning of biomimicry 

  • [12:28] Cemvita's go-to-market applications 

  • [17:26] Use cases for biomining and issues with lithium extraction today 

  • [19:27] An overview of leaching 

  • [24:17] Risky byproducts associated with using microbes and biomaterials for extraction

  • [27:28] An overview of subsurface biomanufacturing and gold hydrogen 

  • [34:05] An overview of carbon biomanufacturing and how it can generate sustainable aviation fuel 

  • [41:54] An overview of renewable natural gas

  • [45:24] How Cemvita's different pathways are interconnected 

  • [50:50] How Cemvita is sourcing solutions 

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Episode recorded on August 8, 2022.