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Sustainable packaging alternatives with Shellworks

Sustainable packaging alternatives with Shellworks

Today’s guest is Insiya Jafferjee, CEO ad Co-Founder of Shellworks

When we talk about excellence in packaging today, we typically think of companies who create an elegant and exciting unboxing experience. Think Apple. But as sustainability continues to gain awareness in the popular conscience, how far away are we from celebrating companies who create small footprints from their packaging? How do you celebrate something if the goal is for it not to be noticeable in the first place? 

Shellworks is developing sustainable packaging alternatives to plastic that don't compromise on performance or aesthetic. Based in the UK, the company recently raised a seed round of funding to help them scale their micro based mono-material packaging via cosmetics companies that are looking for natural packaging alternatives. Insiya brings a no-compromises spirit to what she's doing at Shellworks. She believes her company can develop packaging that has minimal footprint and is stunning and brand-forward.

 In this conversation, Cody and Insiya cover her background, the state of plastic packaging today, how Shellworks came to be, their initial approach to product development, current product lines and traction, and how their non-compromising culture turns internal innovations into a robust product pipeline.

In this episode, we cover: 

  • [2:38] Insiya's background and climate journey 

  • [8:15] The world of packaging and different types of plastics involved

  • [14:04] Industrial shift away from plastic packaging 

  • [18:03] Challenges to addressing packaging in cosmetics 

  • [19:46] Shellworks' go-to-market strategy 

  • [24:33] An overview of Shellworks and their focus on mono-material products 

  • [27:27] The company's commercial traction 

  • [29:47] Use cases that aren't a good fit for Shellworks' offerings 

  • [36:53] The company's core value ads

  • [41:44] What's next for Shellworks 

  • [45:20] Funding to date, early challenges and how Insiya overcame them

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Episode recorded on August 31, 2022.

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