Sitemap - 2023 - MCJ Collective Newsletter

From Climate Communications to Biomass Storage: MCJ Podcast Highlights

Our Investment in Quilt

Switching Currents: A Journalist's Journey into the Skilled Trades

Full Consequence Investing with Hall Capital

The Energy Guide Exposed: How to Keep Yourself (and the Planet) Cool

Empowering Youth Climate Leaders: Tips and Tactics for Parents and Educators

The Digital Glue for Energy Devices

Our Investment in Kodama Systems

Impact Investing in a Changing World

Scope 3: The Overlooked Key to Tackling Corporate Climate Action

Powering Up Kenya: A Look into the Country's Clean Energy Revolution

Leading the Charge on Climate Investing at Bain Capital Ventures

From Microsoft to Haveli Investments with Lucas Joppa

Breaking Ground: The Future of Concrete-Making

Fixing the Backbone of the Energy Transition

From Petrochemical to Biomass: A Co-CEO Journey with Origin Materials

Our Investment in Windfall Bio

🎨 A Year of Climate Art

Our Investment in Avalanche Energy

Digging Deep on the Future of Mining

Turning Ideas into Impact

Creating a Culture of Impact Accountability in Climate Investing

Empowering Employees to Drive Corporate Climate Action

Lighting the Way to Greener Chemical Production

NEW! MCJ Capital Series

Surviving the Harshest Conditions on Earth: Will Steger's Incredible Journey of Exploration and Climate Activism

From Building Motorcycles to Revolutionizing Recycling

The Problem with Bioplastics

Decarbonizing the Built Environment with PACE Financing

Cutting-Edge Tech Meets Green Landscaping

Breaking down knowledge siloes, one AMA guest at a time

Utility-Scale Storage with Energy Vault

Our Investment in Lun

Turning Plastic Trash into Treasured Building Materials

MCJ Collective LP Report (Q4 2022)

Tracking the Biden Boom in the EV Supply Chain

Using Blockchain for Carbon Accounting

Revolutionizing EV Battery Circularity

Moving Beyond Doomism: Data-Driven Strategies for Effective Climate Content

From Oil Rigs to Electric Ships

The Future of Food Isn't Waste

Is AI a Silver Bullet for our Climate Problems?

ERCOT Explained: A Comprehensive Discussion on Texas' Power Grid

Playing with Fire: How Tech is Changing Wildfire Management

Putting Southeast Asia on the Climate Tech Map

Recovering Critical EV Battery Materials: Insights from the DOE’s $375M Loan

Unlocking the Power of Geothermal

Reshaping Climate with Geometry: How 3D Printing Enables Clean Tech

Blazing Trails in Wildfire Mitigation: A Firefighter's Story

Getting to the Root of Forestry Carbon Offsets

Mining for Metals in the Deep Sea

Waste Not, Want Not: Tackling Food Waste and Methane Emissions

Communicating Complex Climate Issues with Alex Blumberg

Our Investment in Mill

Founder’s Story: Peter Reinhardt, Charm Industrial

Overcoming Common Carbon Removal Procurement Challenges

Everything You Need to Know About Lithium

A Nuanced Discussion About Groundwater

Upcycling Infrastructure: The Answer to Our Oil and Gas Woes

Breaking Barriers: An Electrician's Journey to Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women in Trades

The Heated Debate Around Gas Stoves

Seeing the Forest for the Fungi: Harnessing Fungal Microbiomes to Accelerate Natural Climate Solutions

Let's Talk About Carbon Dioxide Removal

Our Investment in Sublime Systems

Transforming the Built Environment with Biochar

Our Investment in Solugen

The Case for Buying Carbon Removal Today

The Forever Promise of Nuclear Fusion

Hot Takes on the Cold Chain

Deep Tech Climate Startups: Humanity’s Superpower

Women in the Skilled Solar Workforce

Building a Better Tomorrow with Low-Carbon Cement

Drafting Talent to Decarbonize the Global Economy

Climate Incentive Programs Have a Digital Infrastructure Problem